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Here at Mint Foot Care, our Birkdale Podiatrist team are fully dedicated to delivering high quality foot care services for all our valuable clients. As industry leaders, we ensure that our Birkdale Podiatrist team are fully qualified in all aspects of foot care in order to deliver outstanding service and treatments. We recognise the importance of keeping up with your busy lifestyle and schedule, which is why our Birkdale Podiatrist team are committed to keeping your feet in great shape and excellent health.

Avoid putting up with unfavourable and unsightly foot conditions such as warts, tinea, ingrown toenails and other foot related problems with the help of our professional Birkdale Podiatrist team. Our Birkdale Podiatrist team provide highly relaxing and invigorating deluxe medical pedicures while you indulge in the day spa experience that you deserve. We believe that your feet deserve attention and pampering, which is why our Birkdale Podiatrist team offer mint and peppermint infused oils, lotions, foot soaks and more to leave your feet soft, supple and healthy.

With Mint Foot Care’s Birkdale Podiatrist team, you will experience a new level of foot care at your convenience. Driven, professional and passionate, our Birkdale Podiatrist team also provide essential foot treatments that are specialised right in our clinic to enhance customer convenience and satisfaction. We offer a wide range of treatments such as ingrown toenail surgery, Diabetic foot care, Orthotic Therapy all administered by our Birkdale Podiatrist team. Our skilled Birkdale Podiatrist team also provides treatment for children ranging from skew foot, knock knees, flat feet and many more. Contact our Birkdale Podiatrist team today to make your next appointment.

About Mint Foot Care – Podiatrist Birkdale QLD

Mint Foot Care’s signature podiatry Medical Pedicures are something very special. Enjoy a spa pedicure experience plus the skill and hygiene of a podiatry treatment. All our Medical Pedicures include a peppermint foot soak, peppermint infused cold hand towel, peppermint infused hot foot towel and a peppermint lotion hand massage.

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