Ingrown Toe Nails


Ingrown Toe nails - Surgery

Our podiatrists can carefully assess your ingrown toe nails and perform surgery in chronic and recurring cases. We perform partial or total nail avulsions depending upon the severity of the ingrown toe nail. Surgery is performed in our on-site treatment rooms under local anaesthetic. The offending piece or entire nail is removed painlessly. The nail matrix (root) is chemically cauterised (burnt) using a chemical called Phenol. This will stop the nail from growing back permanently.

A dressing is applied and after care instructions are given. It is recommended that the patient return for a post-operative review in 3 days following surgery. The healing time of this procedure can vary from 2-6 weeks.

Conservative Treatment

Ingrown Toe nails - Conservative Treatment

Conservative treatment involves our podiatrists carefully cutting the offending piece of nail splinter piercing the skin. An antiseptic is applied. In the absence of infection, packing is applied underneath the ingrown nail edge to prevent it piercing the skin. The podiatrist will also discuss with you on-going management of the ingrown toe nail; such as cutting techniques, footwear modifications and hygiene. We can treat ingrown toe nails in our Medical Pedicure consultations.

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