Foot/ Knee/ Hip Pain

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Foot, knee and hip pain can be the result of abnormal biomechanics of the feet and legs resulting in overuse injuries in the feet, knee, hip and lower back. Also poor hip and knee malalignment position can cause secondary problems in the feet. Malalignment will make soft tissues and joints much more prone to sports and overuse injuries, and over time, this will contribute to arthritic and other degenerative changes in the joints.

Our podiatrists will assess if your foot, knee and hip pain is related to foot, knee and hip function and mal-alignment based on history of symptoms, a biomechanical assessment and video gait evaluation to test joint range-of-motion and muscle strength.

Our podiatrists can prescribe custom orthotics as well as provide advice for appropriate footwear to improve foot function, provide support, improve your foot position and reduce the symptoms associated with your lower limb related problems. Based on our assessment and depending on the cause of your pain, we may prescribe specific exercises or stretches.

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